Challenges and Opportunities of Social Media

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Recently I read an article titled, “Users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of Social Media.” by Andrea Kaplan and Michael Haenlein. The authors outline the growing emergence of social media becoming prevalent in businesses today and how companies can use it as an opportunity to stay ahead. From Facebook and Twitter, to LinkedIn and blogs, it’s clear to see the growing online community. Ideas, thoughts, reviews, photos, and cat videos can be shared globally within seconds. It’s the growing voice of the online community that has companies searching for ways to optimize their online presence to attract top talent and connect with consumers. Kaplan and Haenlein offer advice for companies deciding to use social media to attract anything from additional consumers or sales, to top talent or business partners. Let’s review what I found to be the most helpful tips for recruiters to know to take advantage of social media.

Be Active: For those involved in recruiting, it’s established that you must be prepared to build a relationship with someone. The same is true for social media. An on-going engagement between you and clients can be directly linked to a number to social media platforms. Open and active conversation about your company, yourself and the clients, or job opportunities can help engage people in new ways. While there are many platforms available, it’s important to consider which platforms you can manage effectively, which is guided by the tip of choosing carefully. If your platforms continually grow, more time and attention is needed to keep up-to-date with the online community. It’s important to focus in on a few platforms that target the most appropriate audiences and can reach the large target markets. If a target talent pool doesn’t use Twitter, it may not be in your best interest to use Twitter as a social recruitment strategy. For recruiters, many stay on top of LinkedIn, as it serves as one of the largest online resume databases.

Be Humble, Be Honest, Be Interesting: These were a few points noted by the authors that I’ve lumped into one mega-category. It’s all about the brand, the person behind the screen. Interaction needs to feel like face-to-face contact, not a boring, robotic advertisement in disguise. Social media relies on actually being social. Recruiters can use social media platforms to include additional information to allow people to get a sense of who you are as a person and not as “just another recruiter”. Take a look at this photo of a Twitter bio,

Souce: 14 Tips on How to Use Twitter for Social Recruiting found at
Souce: 14 Tips on How to Use Twitter for Social Recruiting found at

Personal tidbits, sense of humor, link to additional social media platforms, all are examples of a properly executed strategy as a recruiter. Recruiters can attract job seekers engaging in social media and distribute jobs timely and at relatively low costs. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or many other forms, recruiters can learn to navigate through these social media platforms and use them to maximize recruitment.

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