Tweet Tweet…Tapping the Groundswell With Twitter

Hello fellow friends,

Where did Twitter come from? It seems like overnight this mega-site casually took over as a main social media platform. The panic as I realized all my thoughts would now have to be summed up in 140 characters or less (but I like to ramble!). Who has Twitter? EVERYONE. Celebrities, shows, teams, businesses, local shops, schools, pets (I’m looking at you Britney Spears), joe schmo down the street, my boss, my landlord, me, and… Are you hanging out in the twitterverse (free twitter plug for you available in the comments!)? If you’re not, trust me, it can be overwhelming. Used for so many purposes, there’s an average of 6000 tweets per second. SECOND! (Twitter Usage, 2015). So what are we talking about? Well let’s hear what my friends Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li have to say about Twitter from our favourite book  Groundswell: Winning in a world transformed by social technologies (available for purchase here).

Well first Bernoff and Li finally gave me a piece of information I’ve spent years wondering.

Do people actually win on McDonald’s Monopoly?

Because seriously, have you seen anyone win? And this ones across Canada! How is anyone supposed to win? But McDonald’s utilizes Twitter to reach its 75000 followers, tweeting promotions, communicating with consumers, and posting photos from the people who win its monopoly game. (Bernoff & Li, 2011, p.197). So we are three pages in and I could wrap this blog up now and be happy. But I know you guys might want some more information, so I’ll carry on.

Twitter has become a critical part of the groundswell. It’s free, easy to connect to others, posting is simple, and transitions into a well-designed mobile app (Bernoff & Li, 2011). It allows people to update from anywhere quickly. Twitter allows anyone to follow anyone (with a public profile) which allows quick connection between users and reach large masses faster. Twitter is the creator of the #hashtag, a searchable topic attached to tweets that allow tweets to be publicly grouped by hashtag and easily searchable by individuals and businesses. Tweets can include links to websites, making 140 characters an easy way to provide further information. Articles, YouTube videos, photos, blog posts, can all be shared via Twitter, and you likely have some characters left over to leave a comment or note about the link (or at least a few emojis).

Now think back to the POST method and the five objectives we looked at (refresher course here): Listening, talking, supporting, energizing, and embracing. What can Twitter help you accomplish? Check out this graphic to see where Twitter fits into objectives.

Source: Stats.(2014). Retrieved from here

So people are talking and sharing opinions and recommendations for you to listen to. They are asking for support via individuals and companies. Trending hashtags can energize users around a topic whether a breaking news story or particular event (#CyberMonday, get those deals people).

So what can Twitter do for recruiters? It’s easy to use Twitter to engage and build relationships with active users in your target talent pool that you don’t already know, which is how it differs from sites like LinkedIn and Facebook (Cathey, 2014). Have a descriptive bio that allows others to get a sense of who you are and what you do.Recruiters can use Twitter to include additional information to allow people to get a sense of who you are as a person and not as “just another recruiter”. Personal tidbits, a sense of humor, link to additional social media platforms, all are examples of a properly executed strategy as a recruiter. Because you want to tweet to actual target followers, you need to get them following! Search for your target groups, hashtags, etc., and follow those users! Suggest potential candidates follow you on Twitter, meaning your tweeting to people that actually care about what you’re tweeting! (Cathey, 2014). Engage and be social, about a variety of topics not solely job postings. Search leaders in the industry and look at what they are tweeting. There are so many ways to utilize the opportunities of Twitter as a recruiter.

So as always, leave a comment on how you utilize Twitter. Favourite accounts? Twitter tips? And OF COURSE follow me on Twitter: @taylorkyrzyk

BONUS – Follow Josh Bernoff himself on Twitter: @jbernoff





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